You can have the greatest idea in the world but if you can't communicate your ideas, it doesn't matter. It's like having a Ferrari without knowing how to drive. A presentation is not only an opportunity to inform but also to persuade and engage an audience. A manager who doesn't know how to present will not be able to motivate her team, a business owner will not be able to sell her products, an employee will find it difficult to advance her career. Picture this: you’re making a presentation in front of a group of people and things don’t go as planned. You can’t reach your objective, people don’t listen, you find it hard to keep the attention high, your audience is not engaged and after a few hours nobody remembers your presentation. Does this sound familiar? If so, then this course is for you. Most business presentations fail to meet their objectives. This course will teach you a method for creating powerful business presentations. It’s designed to create a permanent change in the way you present and therefore in your ability to sell, persuade and influence.


The main objective of this course is to help you transform the way you and your team create presentations. We want people to fall in love with your presentations. In this training workshop you’ll learn to:

    ✅ Structure and organise messages for maximum impact

    ✅ Storyboard your ideas to make your presentations more engaging

    ✅ Visualise your content by applying the fundamental principles of design to the creation of slides, even when you’re communicating data

    ✅ Distinguish a good slide from an average one

    ✅ Present in a powerful way by leveraging the fundamental principles of communication


The course follows the three key steps for creating effective presentations, which are at the heart of Andrea Pacini’s approach to powerful presentations.

    Preparation - understanding the objective of a presentation, preparing a presentation, structuring messages so they resonate and stick, learning the science behind how the human brain works when it comes to communication, leveraging storytelling in business.

    Design - learning the fundamental principles of design, displaying data effectively, selecting the right medium for your message.

    Delivery - learning the fundamental principles of communication, starting and closing presentations, selling yourself and your ideas.

Creating a powerful presentation has nothing to do with knowing how to use PowerPoint. It’s much more than that.


This course will also include the participation of Massimo Lico, founder of Visual Storytelling Academy Italy. He will cover the following topics:

    ✅ What Visual Storytelling is

    ✅ Its link with neuroscience and neuromarketing

    ✅ The attractive power of images and the role of emotions

    ✅ Narrative images: what they are and how to produce them

Visual Storytelling is a multidisciplinary subject which can be applied to different fields, such as business communication, narrative marketing and also public speaking. When it comes to public speaking, Visual Storytelling helps you create presentations which are much more effective and engaging compared to the traditional methods. There is a strong link between Visual Storytelling and effective presentations as both share the objective of engaging and moving an audience.


Day 1 - Foundation. On the first day, you will discover a new approach to making presentations with case studies and practical exercises related to business presentations so you can learn how to apply this approach in your daily work. You will start preparing a presentation using the principles learned during the day.

Day 2 - Project Work. On the second day, you will finalise the presentation you prepared the day before and will receive expert advice from the instructor on how to improve your message and your presentation as a whole.


Andrea Pacini

Andrea Pacini is a Presentation Specialist based in London. He helps people and companies sell more using powerful business presentations. He runs a presentation design agency focusing both on the creation of presentations and on presentation training. In 2013 he launched a blog (Echo Presentations), to share his ideas on how to prepare, design and deliver effective presentations which then led him to develop his own methodology to help others improve their presentations. He is the author of the book (in Italian) Non Solo PowerPoint: How to transform presentations into experiences.

Massimo Lico

Owner of Massimo Lico | Visual Storytelling Agency - web agency specialised in consulting and planning of strategies for communication and narrative marketing. He has been involved in training for more than 10 years and he is currently coaching and training at the Visual Storytelling Academy Italy - founded and directed by Massimo himself. He has cooperated as an external trainer with several training organisations in Italy, including Formimpresa and Performare. He has also lectured at Masters organised by (to name a few) the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy’s leading business newspaper (Master in Digital PR: press office and online media relations) and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan (Master in Account & Sales Management). He is also a consultant in communication for professionals and SMEs. Main research interests: visual semiotics, platonic philosophy of the theory and production of images, neuromarketing, psychology of perception and Gestalt.

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